Here you can find talks from past Morphē events, and some great books you might find helpful.

Signs of Faith in the Contemporary Arts


A talk by Alastair Gordon questioning the increase in discussion of faith within contemporary art practice.

Pop Grief


A look at reactions in popular culture to the lives, deaths and ‘what next?’ of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Amy Winehouse and others. Talk, and discussion led by Ed Mayhew.

Each Day Has Enough Trouble of Its Own: How Do We Manage Anxiety In the Arts?

Recorded 2014

Dan Curtis talks about our anxieties in the arts, the causes, and what we can practically do about it.
Click to watch the Rather You Than Me video piece made to accompany the lecture.

God Art

God Art Recorded 6 October 2014

A lecture from Alastair Gordon looking at a possible set of values for working as a Christian in the creative arts, plus discussion.

How to View a Work of Art

Recorded 3 November 2014

Three artists from the network, Dan Curtis, Phil Elbourne and Eleanor Young speak on how to read art - looking at abstraction, painting and theatre.

Edith Reitsema: How Imagination Engages Your Heart

Recorded 2014

A lecture looking at trying to grasp our need for the use of our moral imagination in relationship, looking at some of Caravaggio's paintings as well as the fairy tale of Pinnochio.

Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin Countercultural Art for the Common Good: A Response to Grayson Perry's Reith Lectures

Recorded 2014

In her first lecture for Morphē, Adrienne outlines some of the issues raised by Grayson Perry concerning the role of contemporary art in modern society and its perceived inaccessibility from the public. She offers a personal response to some of the questions raised by Perry.

Here are some great books you might find helpful.

Beyond Air Guitar
Alastair Gordon

A rough guide for students in art, design and the media. A great resource in starting out as a Christian in the arts. 
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Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves
Calvin Seerveld 

What does it mean for Christians today to be obedient to God in the arts? Guidelines by a key Christian thinker and teacher of philosophical aesthetics. 
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Art and Soul
Adrienne Chaplin and Hilary Brand 

More Christians than ever before are studying and working professionally in the arts - but how to do it with integrity, Christian grit and in the language of our time? 
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Art and the Bible
Francis Schaeffer 

"The Lordship of Christ should include an interest in the arts," writes Francis Schaeffer. This book has been foundational for generations of Christians in the arts. 
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A Profound Weakness
Betty Spackman 

In this 'image journal' and textbook, the contemporary artist Betty Spackman takes us on a guided tour of her collection of the images and objects that represent the Christian faith in popular culture. 
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God in the Gallery
Daniel A. Siedell 

Is contemporary art a friend or foe of Christianity? Art historian, critic, and curator Daniel Siedell, addresses this question and presents a framework for interpreting art from a Christian worldview. 
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Still Moving
Siobhan Davies, Dance 

In 2012 Siobhan Davies and David Hinton made a film, All This Can Happen. This film became the stimulus for a group of photographers who came together to take part in Still Moving - a creative project exploring movement through photography. 
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Steve Turner 

Steve Turner urges us to develop ways of being out there, of thinking rigorously but Christianly, of finding a voice, of achieving an integrity in our artistic expression while maintaining integrity. 
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Modern Art and the Death of a Culture
H. R. Rookmaaker 

Rookmaaker's analysis of modern art offers an insightful perspective on the cultural turmoil of the past century and its subsequent impact on today's world. 
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